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Our CASP based screening includes:

Personal & Family Medical History
Complete our questionnaire to identify any family history of cardiac disease
CASP (Central Aortic Systolic Pressure)
Assessment of central blood pressure at the root of the Aorta.
Central blood pressure is more difficult to measure, but also much more likely to accurately predict a future cardiovascular event
Brachial Systolic Pressure (conventional Blood Pressure)
Assess brachial systolic pressure using a traditional blood pressure cuff
Radial Augmentation Index
Assessment of arterial stiffness or hardening which indicates plaque build-up in arteries
Plaque build up can lead to blockages, heart attack or stroke. (hardening/stiffening of Arteries). c These waveforms are used to derive the pulse waves related clinical indices, in particular Central Aortic Systolic Pressure (CASP) and radial Augmentation Index (rAI) to assess cardiovascular health and arterial stiffness.
Arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat)

A heartbeat that is too fast, too slow, or irregular, can be an indicator of a weak or damaged heart.
Arrhythmias can be completely harmless, but can also cause serious and even potentially fatal symptoms.

A personalized report will be provided at the conclusion of the test, and the results will be reviewed with you by the Clinical Technician administering the test. Your results will be fully explained, and if further tests are needed, your Technician will advise you of this.

Based on the results of the screening, patients may be recommended to their GP or Cardiologist for further tests such as CT scan or Angiogram.

Your Clinical technician may advise you on lifestyle changes pertaining to nutrition or exercise, and recommend a re-test within a few months to measure improvement in your outcomes.

Heart Screening by Healthstats

About Our Screenings

Using Cardiologist-approved, patented equipment and software, we measure real-time arterial pulse waves in a non-invasive test. The test is administered by a Clinical Technician in under 30 minutes, while the patient sits comfortably.

For more than a century, hypertension diagnosis and treatment were based on brachial blood pressure but not central aortic systolic pressure. Brachial blood pressure is conventionally measured in the upper arm and is usually higher than Central Aortic Systolic Pressure (CASP) due to the increased pressure associated with smaller arteries in the arm.

CASP captures the blood pressure at the root of the aorta and has been shown to be the strongest predictor for strokes and heart attacks. 


A-PULSE CASP device has been proven to be 99.17% as accurate as the invasive method of testing for Central Aortial Systolic Pressure, which is a surgically-administered and invasive Angiogram.

Heart Screening Technology

Heart Care Clinic utilizes award-winning, patented technology to administer our screening tests, which are EU and FDA approved. 

The BPro® radial pulse wave acquisition device from HealthStats International is based on arterial tonometry capturing the pulse wave at the radial artery of the wrist to assess cardiovascular health and arterial stiffness.

The A-PULSE CASP® pulse wave analysis system consists of the BPro® radial pulse wave acquisition device, a BP calibrator and the A-PULSE CASP® pulse wave application software. Once the pulse wave is calibrated, the software is used to derive the central aortic systolic pressure, radial augmentation index (rAI) and a range of other pulse wave indices.

The software allows the pulse wave, blood pressure readings and pulse rate readings to be displayed, stored and printed. The A-PULSE CASP device has been proven to be 99.17% as accurate as the invasive method of testing for Central Aortial Systolic Pressure, which is a surgically-administered and invasive Angiogram.

The Arterial Pulse waveform diagram shows a real time capturing of the radial arterial pulse waveforms using A-PULSE software. It demonstrates a typical radial arterial pulse waveform being captured and displayed.
The digitized waveform value shows how these waveforms are being captured in the raw signal format before converting to blood pressure relevant indices.

The Averaged Arterial Pulse Waveform diagram shows how the waveforms captured are being converted to one single averaged waveform, and derive the blood pressure relevant indices.

Heart Screening by Healthstats

Healthstats International is a bio-monitoring medical device company dedicated to technology research and product development of innovative medical devices to provide doctors and patients with an evidence-based approach to monitoring and management of hypertension and related illnesses.

The company has been awarded several prestigious awards for technological and bio-medical advancement including:

  • World Economic Technology Forum Technology Pioneer Award for Healthcare
  • Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Monitoring Technology of the Year
  • Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Healthcare Best Practice
  • Frost & Sullivan Most Important Technology Development in BioSciences
  • Times Higher Education Outstanding Contribution to Innovation & Technology
  • Asia’s Influential Brands.

BPro is Trusted and Verified by the following agencies

BPro meets the stringent standards set by the European Society of Hypertension International Protocol, Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation Standard and the British Hypertension Society Protocol.